From the Print Studio: Inspiration, Perspiration, and Three-Color Prints

It’s been busy down in the Iskra Print Collective. We’ve been sweating, but we’ve also been having a lot of fun. We just wrapped up two new posters for Higher Ground and are super pleased with how they turned out. 

The first was a poster for Seattle-based indie folk band The Head and the Heart. It was designed by Leo Listi while he was on a business trip to China.

“Traveling in an unknown country, isolated by my language, I lost similarity and became an ardent observer.” Leo explained in his artist statement for the work. “I realize how the hand can be an intermediary between logic and emotion, connecting to the head and the heart. As I headed home, I found myself creating this piece with great excitement in my heart. A visual diary, which reflects my experience abroad and my relationship to the music.”

We bypassed the usual two-color limit for this poster and decided to go for a third. It was definitely worth it! Leo used his signature “transparent white” technique, combined with years of masterful insight and knowledge of the screen-printing medium, to create a unique color palette that really pushes this print to its highest quality.

Our most recent poster was for Dr. Dog, who played at Higher Ground on March 19. Erik Van Hauer designed this bright, playful, and mellow print, coinciding nicely with the abrupt commencement of spring we’re experiencing.

We opted for a three-color print for this poster as well, and it really brings home the depth and sense of space that Erik created with his design. In contrast to the Head and the Heart poster, we worked with a very vibrant color palette, utilizing some of our fluorescent inks to really make the image pop off the page.

The clever use of halftone in this design gives the poster an extra dose of dimensionality, while the use of overprint gives it the appearance of four or five colors with just three layers of ink. This poster really reflects the calculated groove and laid-backness of Dr. Dog’s music, which is, in my opinion, a sure sign of a quality concert poster.

Both posters are available at the Iskra Print Shop.

Contributor Bio: Matt Mayer is a 28-year-old Digital Production Specialist at JDK in Burlington, Vermont. He is also the studio manager of the Iskra Print Collective. Matt records and performs experimental music in his spare time and is the co-owner of the NNA Tapes record label.

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