Welcome to Burlington, Budnitz Bicycles

To celebrate Budnitz Bicycles’s relocation to Burlington, VT, the City of Burlington officially proclaimed February 26, 2013 to be “Budnitz Bicycles and the Modern Mobility Movement Day.” Paul Budnitz, Michael Jager, and Mayor Miro Weinberger led an entourage of bicyclists from City Hall to the door of Maglianero Café and Budnitz Bicycles at 47 Maple [...]


5 Questions for Joshua Perrin, Curator of the JDK Gallery Show “Shadows”

We’re amped. Next Friday, the JDK Gallery will be packed with some of the most talented tattoo artists in the area, along with some aggressive live sound by Vaporizer, Vultures of Cult, and Cruciferion. The show, “Shadows: An Exhibition of Tattoo Inspiration,” is curated by JDK’s tattooed and talented Josh Perrin.   Tell us a [...]


Art Rules in Cuba

JDK CEO David Kemp recently traveled to Cuba under the auspices of The Common Good, a nonpartisan political forum in New York City. The trip was focused on arts and culture, and they exist in abundance in Cuba. The group of eight travelers had the chance to visit and converse with artists in their studios [...]

Michael Jager at the Iskra Print Collective screen printing workshop at JDK Gallery

Creating the Exquisite Corpse, Squeegee Included

A hundred or so curious and excited guests gathered in the JDK Gallery last Friday evening surrounded by 100 blank sheets of paper, 60 screens, and a few boxes of delicious pizza for a screen-printing workshop hosted by Iskra Print Collective. Among the guests were many new faces to the gallery, some of whom had [...]

The most elegant city bikes in the world.

Budnitz Bicycles Rides East

Since 2001, the iconic JDK skate ramp stood at the foundation of our headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. Originally built to be a physical celebration of youth culture and a commitment to standing sideways, it was the catalyst for countless creative and social movements within JDK’s culture and beyond. When Maglianero Café was built, the skate [...]